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The Basics
The first thing you need to do is to register a Domain Name. (DNS)  That is the www.yourname  that people type in to find your web site. To have a web site, you need both a domain name and a web host. The host is the company that actually houses your site.  Your web site files are put on its servers. Baptist WebSite will host your files 24/7 days a year. Click "Domain Name" At the top menu to find an available Domain Name.  There is no need to type the extension .com .org etc.  We will search all available names for you and you can choose the one you like. You can then add Hosting and be on the way to building your web site.


What to do now

Click the "ORDER NOW" button.  In the box put in the name you would like to have for your web site.  Just enter the name without the .com .org etc and the program will tell you all the names that are available and which ones are taken. To order an available Domain Name Tick the box next to the name you want. Then click the Red "Order Now" Button.  To order Hosting at the same time click "To Add Hosting" red text on the next page.


* If you wish to register a Domain Name WITHOUT purchasing a hosting account then click the "Update Cart" button on the bottom of the page after you select/order the Domain Name you wish to register.     

* If you already own a Domain Name and want to purchase a hosting account then enter your full current name in the domain search box.  Click the "Order Hosting Only" button.
At this point just follow the prompts. 

*To Transfer a Domain Name registered with another registrar enter your full current name in the domain search box.  Click the Green "Transfer" Button and follow the prompts.  

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