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Frequently Asked Questions About Domain Names

How do I check to see if a domain name is available?

Once you have a name in mind you should do what is called a "whois" search. There are several sites that will do that for you or you can do it right here.

Which domain name extensions can Baptist WebSite register for me?

We can register a domain name with a .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .asia, .me, .tv .cc .eu .tel .ws .mobi and .name domains extensions as part of our service. However pricing is not the same for all extensions.

How much will my domain name cost me?

Currently Baptist WebSite offers domain name registration for .com .net .org .us .biz and .info at $20.00 a year.  Thereafter, as long as you host on Baptist WebSite your name can be renewed at $15.00 a year.

Will Baptist WebSite be my domain registrar?

Baptist WebSite is not a domain registrar. We have partnered to offer domain registration to our customers. By doing so Baptist WebSite can focus all its attention and efforts on providing reliable and affordable web hosting services. We register your domain name for you with a domain registrar.

Who owns a registered domain name?

Technically, no one owns a domain name. Domain names are not owned they are leased and remain with the initial lessee until the name is deleted or the lessee fails to renew the name. By paying the domain registration fee, you license the rights to use that unique domain name throughout the world for a specific time. Should you ever cancel your Baptist WebSite hosting account, you will still own the rights for that domain name, for as long as you continue to pay the registration fees. If your name is the same as or confusingly similar to a trademarked name then a challenged may be issued for that name Although the registrant is considered the lessee, the Administrative contact has the authority to update, transfer, renew, delete or change ownership of a domain name. So the registrant should choose the Administrative contact wisely and keep their contact information current as they have control of the name. If you register with Baptist WebSite then Baptist WebSite will be the Technical Contact.

How long can my domain name be?

Domain names can be up to 67 alphanumeric characters and hyphens. This includes the .com, .net, .org, etc. extension. The .biz and .info domain names must have at least four characters (not including the extension).

Can any character or words be used in a domain name?

No. Domain names cannot begin or end with a hyphen. Also no blank spaces can be part of the name. No symbols other than underscore ( _ ) or hyphen ( - ) can be used, such as < /? # ! etc.

Can I register an international domain name? (e.g., .uk, .ca, .br, etc.)

Baptist WebSite can host any international domain name. However, we do not register international domain names. Each country has their own domain registry that either operates directly with the public or through resellers. You will need to find the particular international domain registry and follow their procedures.

When will my domain name be on the World Wide Web?

When registering a domain name with Baptist WebSite, the name is processed through the ICANN database. The process can take up to 48 hours to fully take effect and appear when performing a whois query. Even though the name doesn’t display on a whois query immediately, it’s reserved for the registrant of the domain name and is unable to be registered by anyone else. After these steps, it is up to the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) around the world to update their DNS to recognize your domain name. Most major ISPs, such as Earthlink and AOL, update their DNS several times each day. However, smaller ISPs may update their DNS less frequently. Therefore, most of the world will recognize your domain name within a few days, but it may take up to a week for the entire Internet community to access your domain name.

Can I sell a domain name I own or buy one that is already registered by someone else?

You can sell, transfer or give away a domain name you own. Baptist WebSite can help you if you have registered your name with us. However, we can only make the information changes and not any negotiations of sale or transfer.

I already own a domain name, can I transfer it to Baptist WebSite to save money?

You may transfer your domain name to Baptist WebSite at any time. Simply use the transfer form. You can transfer any domain from any registrar in the world for free. We will honor any time period you have left before transfer by adding it to the time (usually one year) of your registry to Baptist WebSite. For example: You choose to transfer a name to Baptist WebSite which has say, 10 months before it expires. When you transfer to Baptist WebSite, the 10 months will be added to the term of your registration with Baptist WebSite. If you choose a one year term then you will be charged $20.00 for first year AND the 10 months will be added. So you will get 22 months before your name is due for renewal.  Thereafter, you will receive a 25% discount on renewal.

Can I register a domain name and NOT have a website?

Yes. You can secure a domain name and just park it until you are ready to put up your web site. You do not need a URL to have a domain name but you need a domain name to have a URL. Many just register the name they want while it is still available. That assures they have the name they want until they are ready to "go on the web".

Refund Policies

Baptist WebSite maintains a NO REFUND policy. Once a name is registered there is no way to refund the registration fee. This information is stated also on the page form for domain registration. When deleting a domain name, please be aware that the deleted name will not add a credit to ones Credit Card account. The charge will still remain. We have a "confirmation" feature on our site to prevent any faulty submissions or deletions. When Baptist WebSite process your request it becomes real-time, interfacing with the VeriSign Global Registry Services (formerly Network Solutions, Inc.). Please be sure the name you register is the name you want. It can not be changed or cancelled. This is really beyond the control of Baptist WebSite. We provide domain name registration as a convenience and for a discount, we have no control to refund once the name is registered.

Renewal Policies and Notices

When any of the domain names that you have registered come up for renewal, you will receive the following e-mail notification(s) at the e-mail address you specified in your contact information. 60 days prior to a domain's expiration date an email will be sent to the member handle notifying them of the domain's pending expiration. 30 days before a domain's expiration date a second email will be sent to the member handle notifying them of the domain's pending expiration. 10 days before a domain's expiration date a third email is sent to the administrative contact, billing contact, and member's email addresses notifying them of the domain's pending expiration. The Monday after a domain's expiration date a final email is sent to the administrative contact, billing contact, and member's email addresses notifying them of a domains recent expiration. 10 days after a domain has expired they are removed and deleted. Once a name is deleted there is no way for us to get this name back. The renewal fees will be accessed at the domain rate currently in effect.